Juliet-5 Engine

Hybrid Engine

  • Engine Type:         Hybrid Engine
  • Thrust:                    1-5 kN
  • Total Thrust:          up to 40 kN
  • Total Thrust:          Adjustable
  • Fuel Type:             Paraffine
  • Oxidizer Type:      LOX/GOX/NOX
  • Status:                   Delivery within 3 months after the order
  • Usage Areas:        Rockets(first stage or space missions), UAVs, aircrafts
  • Engine Sizes:        Length: 34 cm, Diameter:14 cm
  • Weight:                  Depends on total thrust
  • Delivery type:       Whole system (includes oxidizer tank and all pipelines)
  • Reusability:           The engine can be reused by renewing the fuel cartridge.

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