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Our equity crowdfunding campaign has been live!

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  • Next-Gen Engines
  • Combustion engines reimagined
  • More efficient now

Our equity crowdfunding campaign has been live!

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Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

Detonation Space has been accepted by Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

About Detonation Space

Detonation Space develops detonation engines that are 30% more efficient and lighter than conventional combustion engines.

Less Consumption

Thanks to the high thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption is provided.

Supersonic Speed

It allows the creation of lighter vehicles, paving the way for higher speeds.

More Payload Capacity

Thanks to its high efficiency, it allows to carry more payloads in space rockets.

Less Emissions

It emits less carbon dioxide due to the decrease in fuel consumption.

Global Total Equity: $119.6B

Detonation Space engine is currently crafted for use in rockets. But our objective is to also serve aircraft, helicopter, and drone markets with our updated engines.

Global Rocket Propulsion Market

The global Rocket Propulsion market is $6 billion. Lundet series engines, which we are in the development stage, have direct use in rockets.

Global Helicopter Engine Market

The global helicopter engine market is $29 billion. It can be developed for helicopter use by adding compressors and turbines to the Lundet series engines that we are in the development phase.

Global Drone Market

The global drone market is 3.6 billion dollars. It can be used in drones by adding compressors and turbines to the Lundet series engines that we are developing.

Global Aircraft Engine Market

The global aircraft engine market is 81 billion dollars. Airplanes can be used directly or by adding compressors and turbines to the Lundet series engines that we are developing.

How do we develop more efficient engines?

You can see the thermodynamic cycle of the first engine Lundet-7, which Detonation Space continues to test.

  • Combustion takes place at a constant volume..
  • The burning rate is supersonic.
  • More work output is provided as a result of the loop.
  • The combustion chamber is pressure gain combustor.
At the end of this entire thermodynamic cycle, 30% higher efficiency is achieved compared to engines operating with conventional subsonic combustion.

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Lundet Engines

Our job is to touch the heart of all internal combustion engines. We are proud to present to you our first engine, the Lundet-7, which we continue to test.


It has a detonation combustion chamber and is 30% more efficient due to its thermodynamic cycle.

Radial Pre-Detonator

Thanks to the radial pre-detonator technology, for which we have applied for a patent, detonation is initiated in a very small volume.

Aerospike Nozzle

Thanks to the Aerospike nozzle, it provides high efficiency in a very small volume in space missions. It is more compact.

Less Pressurization

Due to it is a pressure gain combustion chamber, higher thrust is obtained in smaller volumes by using a smaller compressor and turbine.

What is our mission?

We are trying to open the doors of the future.

To go to Mars, to tour the world with a single tank of fuel, to travel thousands of kilometers in minutes, to explore planets, to increase our presence in the skies are all on our horizon.

Doubling the payload capacity?

In conventional rocket engines, the combustion rate is at subsonic speeds. In our engines, combustion takes place at supersonic speeds. As a result of the thermodynamic gain here, satellites that can be carried with two rockets can be carried with a single rocket.

Go farther?

The distance reached with a single tank of fuel can be doubled. Thanks to the lower fuel consumption of our engines, much longer distances can be reached. In space missions, it can both reach farther and shorten the mission time.

Go faster?

Going faster means increased drag. Vehicle designs are changed to reduce drag force. However, this has a limit. As engine efficiency increases, the Thrust/Weight ratio increases and this limit increases. In this way, faster vehicles can be designed.

Carrying more passengers?

Passenger transport costs can be reduced. Thanks to our engines being lighter and having a pressure-recovery combustion chamber, the structural material weight can be reduced and passenger planes can carry more passengers.


Detonation Space has been accepted to the SCALE Aerospace Accelerator program run by Starburst

We are very excited to announce that Detonation Space has been accepted into Starburst’s Aerospace Accelerator Program run with UCLA! We are very happy that being a part of this community will take our work to a higher level.

Starburst is a highly networked accelerator program that enables aerospace startups to commercialize their technologies and increase the availability of their products, brings startups together with investors and institutions, and tries to reveal innovative technologies.

About Accelerator: https://starburst.aero/accelerator-program/

About Starburst: https://starburst.aero/about/

Lundet-7's pre-detonator passed the tests!

Thanks to its special interior design, the pre-detonator system we designed for Lundet-7, which can create detonation using very small volumes of kerosene/oxygen, successfully passed the tests. We were able to obtain the detonation wave at the calculated pressure. It can transmit detonation up to 100 Hz. The performance data is pretty fascinating.


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Detonation Space has conducted an engine test using hydrogen as a fuel for the first time. The data we obtained as a result of these high-pressure tests are quite promising.
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Detonation Space has released a new press release
"Detonation Space Announces Revolutionary Technology That Will Dramatically Reduce Rocket Fuel Consumption & May Be The Key To Hypersonic Flight"
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