• One step closer to the technology of the future

We design flight solutions and electronic systems for every flying vehicles

  • We design flight solutions and electronic systems for every flying vehicles


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Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

Detonation Space has been accepted by Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

About Detonation Space

Detonation Space designs products that provide benefits in many ways to increase the place of drones in our lives.

Less Consumption

Less fuel consumption with both electronic and aerodynamic solutions

High Speed

It allows the creation of lighter vehicles, paving the way for higher speeds.

More Payload Capacity

Possibility to carry more loads due to increased efficiency

Less Emissions

The capacity to do more with less emissions.

What is our mission?

We are trying to open the doors of the future.

We improve drones both hardware and software. We produce technologies and solutions to make them suitable for the conditions of the new age.

Doubling the payload capacity?

Although it is trying to be developed, the carrying capacity of drones is still quite low.

Go farther?

We aim for them to reach farther by consuming less energy.

Go faster?

With our new generation design we have developed for drones, we aim at lower drag coefficients so that they can deliver faster.

Carrying more passengers?

We produce electronic and mechanical solutions to carry human transportation to a different dimension with drones.


Detonation Space has been accepted to the SCALE Aerospace Accelerator program run by Starburst

We are very excited to announce that Detonation Space has been accepted into Starburst’s Aerospace Accelerator Program run with UCLA! We are very happy that being a part of this community will take our work to a higher level.

Starburst is a highly networked accelerator program that enables aerospace startups to commercialize their technologies and increase the availability of their products, brings startups together with investors and institutions, and tries to reveal innovative technologies.

About Accelerator: https://starburst.aero/accelerator-program/

About Starburst: https://starburst.aero/about/

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